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Fusion Physical Therapy & Sports Performance is a full-service PrehabRehab and Back-to-Play training facility for results-driven professional, amateur and teen athletes in New York City.



What is the WOD?

Chances are you’ve never heard of the WOD. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. It’s an in-the-know secret handshake sort of acronym that devotees of CrossFit dream about. Workout of the Day = WOD. Much about CrossFit feels cult-ish to those of us who prefer a different form of conditioning and strength-training workout, but to the exercise regime’s followers, CrossFit provides structure, discipline and a competitive spirit found most commonly in the pro and college team training rooms. This do-as-many-reps-as-you-can atmosphere is both addictive and, unfortunately, injury inducing. Here are some of the common overuse strains and inflammations we see at Fusion...
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A Fusion Tip

Take the stairs instead of elevator in your work or home building. During cold winter months, we’re not as active. Be creative with your cardio training.

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