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Fusion Physical Therapy & Sports Performance is a full-service PrehabRehab and Back-to-Play training facility for results-driven professional, amateur and teen athletes in New York City.



Even though it’s been years since the academic calendar dictated my circadian rhythm, Team Fusion has been noticing an increase in school-age athletes coming through the door recently.  Whether it’s for our Teen Sports Performance Clinics, pre-season tune-ups or injuries, we have been working with young athletes, strengthening and training them like never before. And the end of August brought our first-ever Sports Performance Assessment Day at Hunter College High School where Sports Performance director Maddie Marsh and her colleagues led the Girls Varsity and Junior Varsity Volleyball teams as well as the Girls and Boys Varsity Soccer teams through drills geared to target and record weaknesses and strengths among the athletes.  These baseline recordings will be available to the athletes for injury prevention and strength maximization.  Personally, I was impressed with focus and determination of these teen players. Perhaps that’s what sets us a part from other rehab and back-to-play facilities – our athletes have grit.  They get knocked down, but they get up again.  And they know they have us to turn to for medical guidance, to help navigate surgical or non-surgical options when injuries occur.  Our mantra is that we’re here for the whole athlete at every step of his or her journey, through the races, games, tournaments and fun runs, and through the rehab and conditioning drills.  To that end, we’ve added more ATC coverage opportunities to our roster for this 2014/15 season.  The Village Lions men and women are returning to the pitch to battle out another season of hard work and determination. Hunter College High School is prepping for their fall season with seniors facing the last season of their high school sports’ careers.  NYC Mayors Cup will be showcasing the most diverse and talented athletes in the 5 boroughs and Team Fusion – the ATCs, DPTs and SPSs – will be on deck.


 And that is what we do…fulfill the dreams of athletes who work hard to achieve their goals and greatness. 

 So, during this back-to-school month, all of us may be nostalgic for our Glory Days on the school fields.  Come see us.  Even if you’re not one of our teen athletes, our Sports Performance training can make you feel like a kid again and reconnect you to your glory.   read more



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Tomatoes. The farmers’ markets are full of them.  Pack in your Vitamin C for the winter months ahead.

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