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3 Quick Ways to Treat #Elbow Pain

We’ve all been there.  Your #elbow hurts.  It hurts when you touch it, it hurts when you lift something, it hurts when you carry your bag or open your front door.   It may be puffy, red, irritated, it’s just plain angry.  The bottom line is your elbow is painful and you want relief NOW. 

 Here are some tips we give our Fusion athletes who have angry elbows:

Ice it.  Cold is one of the best ways to eliminate #inflammation.   The tendons, ligaments and muscles around your elbow may feel like they are on fire.  An ice pack, ice cubes wrapped in a damp cloth, frozen water in a Dixie cup or immersing the area in very cold water are good ways to decrease the inflammation, lower the temperature and gain relief.

Stretch it.   Elongating the shortened ligaments and tendons through gentle stretching can allow the elbow to regain its proper range of motion.   Try straightening the arm and pulling back lightly on the fingertips.  Also, using a #Thera-Band #Flexbar to twist and release the forearm can be helpful.  Careful not to overstretch or overwork the inflamed area.   http://www.thera-band.com/store/products.php?ProductID=20

Rest it, don’t text it.  The hardest prescription a patient wants to hear is REST.  For athletes who count on activity to get them to their goals, being told to hold off on upper body workouts can be devastating.  Texting, keyboarding, video-gaming all require small finger movements that can contribute to medial or lateral #epicondylitis.


If you’ve tried all of the above and are still experiencing painful symptoms, give us call at 212-924-4920 and we will further assist you by using Active Release Technique (http://www.activerelease.com)  as well as other modalities to get you back-to-play ASAP. 

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